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07 September 2014

The Go-Go's Return to the Studio

 The Go-Go's have signed a new talent deal with Primary Wave Music and are back in the studio working with Linda Perry. “It is so gratifying to still be making music as a group, 36 years after our beginnings as a rag-tag, know-nothing Hollywood punk rock band! To now be represented by such an energetic and forward-thinking company as Primary Wave is both an honour and a blessing” the Go-Go's said in a joint statement. "We look forward to a creative and fruitful relationship with Primary Wave and would like to thank all of our fans for their continued support!"



07 September 2014

Simrit and Belinda Collaboration

Belinda has been featured in a new recording by Simrit on a new album track called, “Kudrat Kavan” providing chorus vocals.



07 September 2014

More Demon Reissues

Belinda, Voila and A Woman And A Man have now been released as part of the Demon reissues. All available for purpose now.



07 September 2014

The Go-Go’s Inducted in the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame

The Go-Go's have been inducted into the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame on June 21. Jane Wiedlin states, "Growing up in L.A., the Hollywood Bowl was always the ultimate goal you could achieve as a musician. All the thousands of shows The Go-Go’s have done over the years have kind of blurred, but the two Hollywood Bowl shows we’ve done—one in the early ’80s and then one in 2012—are crystal clear in my mind. I remember what I wore and how I felt. It’s a big deal to us. We started The Go-Go’s less than a mile away from the Hollywood Bowl, so it’s kind of this really cool circular story where we started out in the basement of a porn theater that became the Masque punk rock club and ended up at the Hollywood Bowl. Now we get to go back and play it for the third time, so it’s pretty thrilling."



04 February 2014

Listen to Goodbye, Just Go

Belinda's new song, 'Goodbye, Just Go' has finally been released. The song was written by Ellen Shipley who has been a hit songwriter for Belinda since 1987.




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